Questions To Ask A Car Dealership When Purchasing Used Cars

Questions to Ask a Car Dealership When Purchasing Used Cars


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Buying used cars in Ontario? Be prepared to have your list of questions ready for Hamilton car dealerships. There is a list of things you need to know about a vehicle before your name appears on the title. Making sure all these ducks are in a row can mean the difference between a lemon that sucks you dry and a dependable vehicle you can rely on to give years of productive, maintenance friendly satisfaction.

Who Owned the Vehicle Before Purchase?


Especially for used cars in Ontario that have been traded into Hamilton car dealerships, always ask to view the maintenance records. They can always black in the owner’s name and address for confidentiality. For vehicles purchased at an auction, you may want to have a professional mechanic you trust give a thorough inspection of the vehicle. You don’t want to find any surprises under the hood, especially broken down on the side of the road.

How Long Can I Test Drive It?

The used car market these days is cold enough that Hamilton car dealerships are often lenient about how long you can test drive a car. Ask if you can test drive the vehicle for 24 hours, providing you can show proof of insurance and you promise to bring the gas tank back full. This way you can really get a comprehensive feel for how the car performs. Its a better way to get acquainted with any used cars in Ontario you might consider purchasing.

What is the dealerships return policy?

Don’t find out the answer to this one the hard way. Hamilton car dealerships have a wide variety of policies when it comes to returning vehicles, and it’s important to establish what those are before you hand over any cash. While no dealership will offer cash back, you can at least find a customer friendly dealer that will let you rethink the purchase and at least give equal or lesser value. Car buying is a serious commitment, and no sale should be completely set in stone without alternative options.

What is Your Cash Price for the Vehicle?

There is the financing price, and there is the cash price. Cold and hard, cash definitely rules over financing options. While Hamilton car dealerships will usually try to make money off the financing, they’ll generally give you a better price if you opt to pay in cash. Paying cash for used cars in Ontario can save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention a monthly car payment.

If they don’t take cash, ask if they’ll take a trade in. You can usually get a couple thousand dollars off used cars in Ontario for a trade in, even if you to have the older vehicle towed to the Hamilton car dealerships.

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