Do Not Forget About Disability Health Coverage

The so-called “forgotten insurance” might be the insurance plan that it is most important to remember. Disability insurance can be crucial to everything in your life since it is not out of the question that you may be disabled in any random minute. People purchase life insurance, thinking there is no way they will die anytime soon, they purchase home insurance even though there is little chance of their home being destroyed, and they buy all kinds of other insurance, but in the long run, there is probably a greater need for disability insurance since a car accident or a freak accident out of nowhere can be a lot more common that you think and having long term health insurance can save you from the chance of bankruptcy.A health crisis does not have to mean disaster for you and your family. Every year nearly 12 % of the population will suffer a health event that causes them to be disabled for 3 months or more. Choosing the right disability insurance provider can save both your life, and your quality of life.Because disability insurance is designed to replace income, a disability insurance provider with a strong company rating indicating solid financial health is recommended. Several ratings agencies rank insurance companies for fiscal soundness. Among the top rated companies according to Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best and Company, Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch are the Berkshire Group (which includes GEICO), Genworth financial and New York Life Insurance. All of these companies are graded highly for financial stability.Also, you can learn a lot from the quality of customer service you get when you are dealing with an insurance company. There are sites where you can get customer reviews on the Net and any consumer reviews should be read with a certain degree of skepticism. So not always believe the advertising. After all, they are after your money.The 3 disability insurance providers mentioned here have a wide variety of plans and price points to choose from. Having a wide range of options is essential in order to pick the right plan and premium level for you and your family. These solid companies offer a good choice for most life situations.The Berkshire Group (which includes GEICO), Genworth financial and New York Life Insurance are substantial companies with a large stable of agents that can give you personal attention as you purchase your coverage, and afterwards. It’s important to do your due diligence, but you also need to be prepared to ask questions of your agent. Large and growing companies like the ones mentioned here can make all the difference when you need information about your policy.