A Review Of The Lia Sophia Income Opportunity

By Brian Garvin

I just recently attended a Lia Sophia jewelry show. It seems to be the thing here and there are Lia Sophia jewelry shows going on everywhere. There are so many that will come up and ask if my necklace is Lia Sophia and if I bought it, or did I get it by having my own show.

Lia Sophia is the leading fashion jewelry direct sales company in the United States. They have the latest trends or you can stay with the classics. If you have the chance, go to a show and see what they have to offer.

Not only does Lia Sophia offer beautiful jewelry, they offer a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. The company was founded more than 30 years ago and is now run by the second generation of the Kiam Family, (Victor Kiam was the Executive who brought Remington Shavers to the forefront).

If you are the Customer, Lia Sophia takes great pride in offering a beautiful selection of the latest fashion jewelry at great values, creating your loyalty over your lifetime.

If you are the Host of a show in your home, you will be rewarded with amazing discounts, half-price offers and special offerings such as being able to order one of their Red Carpet Collection pieces that are featured in leading fashion magazines.

Since I was able to attend a Lia Sophia show, I was able to see and feel the quality of the jewelry, and believe they are true to their standards and desire to make the customer their first priority. Their reputation has preceded them and will continue to follow them. This company will do well.

It is built on the multi-level marketing system as mentioned earlier. Your business will be more successful when you are able to sponsor Advisors in your business. You will be able to help them to progress as you help your own business to flourish.

I am not aware of their compensation plan, as this information is given when you contact an Advisor of the company. This is not something that is portrayed and focused upon. The main focus of the company seems to be the customer and the service that is provided to make the customers shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

This company realizes that is the customer that is the best advertisement and that is where the loyalty is gained. This is what gives, you the prospective Advisor the backing and the reputation to lean upon as you represent this company.

If you are an Advisor, you will be provided a chance to make new friends. You will be able to earn that extra money to pay off your bills that have been nagging you for so long, build up your savings, or take a wonderful vacation. You can have a career with Lia Sophia with great earnings and flexible schedule to work when you want. And by introducing the Lia Sophia opportunity to others, you are also building your own business.

They have a mission for their advisors to reach high levels of success. They believe in rewarding them for their efforts. The company is very strong on ethics and values and this is to be admired. The satisfaction of the customer is number one, which also reflects on the Advisor. The customer will never have a reason to doubt or mistrust a Lia Sophia Advisor when she has a great company to back her and support her.

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