5 Ways Your Real Estate Lawyer Can Effectively Assist You


Real estate transactions are complicated. If you plan to sell or purchase a home, it would be wise to engage the services of an experienced real estate lawyer:

Draw up contracts

These types of negotiations will inevitably include contracts. You’ll want to have a lawyer develop one to ensure the terms and conditions are fair for both parties. For a contract to be legally binding, it must comply with state and federal laws. This is a task that your lawyer can easily take care of for you.

Offer legal guidance

Some contracts must be submitted within a given time frame. Your lawyer will make sure you know the legal deadlines to know just how much time you have to read through a contract.

Do a title search

Your lawyer will also perform a title search to make sure the property you want to buy is free of any liens or encumbrances, Investopedia says. That way, you can decide if you want to take on the legal hassle of buying the home or not. In case you want to buy the property and the search turns up that the seller will need to pay for a lien first, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and help you get the home at a much reduced price.

Handle property transfers

Have assets you want to transfer to your heirs? Your lawyer will make sure any property transfers will be legally binding and compliant with state laws. You won’t have to worry about the transfers violating any of the terms or conditions of your partnership or trust, if there are any.

File paperwork

Real estate deeds need to be filed at a state and country level. A real estate lawyer can do this for you so you will not have to do so.