How To Get An American Express Blue Card

By Mario Churchill

There are a number of ways in which an individual is able to apply for a credit card, and many people are aware of the traditional routes to go about this application process. However, just because someone applies for a credit card, this does not mean that they are guaranteed to actually receive the card in response to their efforts. Many people will spend time applying for a credit card and will eventually come to rely on the card before they even get approved. Without getting approved for a credit card, there is no way to be sure that the individual will be able to enjoy the benefits and advantages of the product itself. Due to this fact, there is a big difference between simply applying for a credit card and actually receiving and using said credit card. For example, many people would like to have an American Express Blue card.

This is a very popular card that was created and released to the public in 1999. Featuring an onboard computer chip that helps to make the card more secure, many people loved the different benefits of the card. With no annual fee and successful marketing plans, the American Express Blue card was especially popular among young adults. Still, many people were able to apply for the card, but not so easily able to receive the card since the standards for application were and continue to be higher than the cards from some other competitors. Not all cards are better than others, but with so many possible advantages, the American Express Blue card was justifiably impressive. Still, there are a number of hurdles that an individual needs to surpass in order to ensure that they are able to receive the card as a result of application instead of applying for the influential card and being denied by American Express.


One of the basic things that a credit card company, including American Express, will look for includes an individual’s credit score. The lower an individual’s credit score is, the less likely they will be to receive the card for which they are applying to be able to get. One way in which this may be overlooked is in the event of an individual not having established much credit. Though not always the case, some credit companies will be willing to give a person a chance if they have a lower credit score due to few opportunities to establish credit. In order to receive the American Express Blue card, for example, an individual will also need to make a certain amount of money each month. This income amount is very important, since it is by working with this number that an individual will be approved or denied for a card. If approved, the number will be used to evaluate the line of credit on the specific American Express Blue card. By maintaining proper credit, which includes not making any late payments for loans, cars or other credit cards, an individual will be able to increase the odds of their approval when it comes to the American Express Blue card. It will also be important that the individual makes enough money that the employees regulating the allowance of the American Express Blue card will feel that the individual will be able to use and afford the card without specific problems.

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