General Selection Considerations When Choosing Wall Fountains}

General Selection Considerations When Choosing Wall Fountains


Elizabeth Jean

Garden designers using outdoor wall fountains often consider fountains falling into two categories. The first category is contemporary wall water fountains that place the main focus on the design and structure of the fountain. The second design category for outdoor wall fountains is when the water display is the primary focus.

With fountains designed and placed for the architectural observer, the foremost focus is the cultural framework, and the water is only meant to play a supporting role in the finished product by animating or otherwise enhancing the architectural design in the center of the concept. Sculptural and architectural mastery have been displayed in contemporary wall fountains for years. Even when there is no water in the fountain, such as with the Piccadilly Circus Fountain or the Rockefeller Center’s fountain in New York City, these types of fountains still display aesthetic qualities that explain why they are admired. With outdoor wall fountains that rely upon the flowing water, splashing water or cascading water for visual affect, the aesthetic impact of the fountain depends heavily upon the rise and the fall of the water. Some examples of this type of outdoor wall fountains include the Chatsworth Gardens within England, and also the Cascades at Caserta, which are located in Portland, Oregon. The visual spectacle with a fountain like this disappears when the flow of moving water is removed. This often leaves a dry fountain bed that only reveals the pipes and outlets behind the fountain’s mechanics.Both of these types of outdoor wall fountains have their merit. Some people enjoy the look of carved contemporary wall water fountains, while others prefer modern fountains where the water design is the focus. Either way, there is a lot that you can do with outdoor wall fountains that will have a drastic impact on the aesthetic qualities of your outdoor garden. All types of fountains are visually appealing; you simply have to choose the right one.If you are looking to add a splash to your outdoor garden, you will find that there are a wide variety of different types of outdoor wall fountains available to you. Outdoor wall fountains can be attached to any vertical surface, including walls, gazebos, decks, and other hardscaping features. Fountains come in a wide variety of different styles, sizes, materials and themes. The considerations that you need to make when choosing outdoor wall fountains for your yard or garden include the size of the fountain, weight and whether or not it coordinates with the theme of your garden.What type of fountains best suits your interests? Intricately carved outdoor fountains are ideal for some design situations, but they may not make good all purpose outdoor wall fountains, because your outdoor wall fountains need to be light enough to hang on your vertical surface without destroying the surface or perhaps even falling after installation. If you are attaching your outdoor wall fountains to study architecture like a stone wall or the side of the entryway to your home, then you may be able to use a slightly heavier fountain. The ideal outdoor wall fountains are constructed from imitation metals or fiberglass, which are lighter materials. There are a number of exceptional options out there for outdoor water fountains and many of them are contemporary wall water fountains that have unique designs and beautiful carved details. No matter what type of outdoor wall fountains you decide to implement in your garden, yard or patio you are sure to enjoy the beauty, calmness, splendor and tranquility that they provide, tying everything together and creating a visually appealing style in your sacred space.

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General Selection Considerations When Choosing Wall Fountains}