What Happens When You Take Phentermine But You Eat Some Small Portions Of Junk Food?

Those portions will take away from the portions of healthy food you should be on while taking Phentermine. The urge to eat junk food-especially at night-could be because you take phentermine in the morning. By evening, the appetite loss Phentermine causes in you wears off-and you start craving the food that caused your morbid obesity in the first place.

Don’t give in. If you feel very very hungry at night, don’t eat junk food. Eat healthy food instead-vegetables, fruits, unprocessed wholesome food-which should have been prescribed by your doctor along with Phentermine. Avoid taking the drug late in the day, or you’ll have trouble getting enough sleep-another requirement for keeping one’s weight down.

Don’t forget to do exercises that the doctor should have prescribed as well. Do that in the morning or late in the day.


If you have been told by your doctor to lose 20 pounds within the 3-month medication period, and since proper use of Phentermine can only cause you to lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight within those three months, this means you could weigh between 200 to 400 pounds.

Don’t worry. Phentermine is not meant to make your body slim within 3 months. It is only supposed to make you lose enough weight so that you won’t be in danger of dying early. What you need to do is supplement the Phentermine with healthy food, enough sleep and rest, and exercise. And keep doing so even after the 3 months are up. That way, you’ll reach the ideal weight with no need to take more drugs.

Now, if you insist on taking junk food while on Phentermine, even if it’s only in small amounts, you’ll be making it more difficult for you to lose weight. Over-eating junk food is the main reason for obesity. Don’t make it harder for you to lose weight, especially if your life is at stake.

You’ll also need healthy food while you’re on Phentermine. Why? Because you’ll need to be as healthy as you can for your body to fight the adverse side effects of Phentermine, which is a drug closely related to crystal meth-with which it shares a lot of dangerous side effects.

At the end of the 3-month period, depending on whether you followed your doctor’s prescribed diet, sleep and exercise along with the Phentermine, you may experience fatigue, depression, and the urge to overeat. Among Phentermine’s withdrawal symptoms, overeating is the main reason why a lot of people who lost weight while on Phentermine got it back with a vengeance afterwards. Don’t give in. Keep eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and doing regular exercises to keep fit. Then there’ll be no need to pack the junk back in.

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Those portions will take away from the portions of healthy food you should be on while taking Phentermine.
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