Toyota Staten Island Kids Could Benefit From New Toyota Grant

Toyota Staten Island kids could benefit from new Toyota grant by Hugh TackThanks to Toyota, Staten Island kids could have some unique opportunities to increase their level of education, especially in the fields of math, science and environmental sciences. This is due to a recent announcement by The Toyota USA Foundation of a pledge for a number of new grants, totaling $5.2-million. Two area organizations will receive a portion of this money from Toyota; Staten Island kids may have a chance to be part of these programs.The Toyota USA Foundation is a charitable endowment initiative by Toyota Motor USA that focuses on improving education in math, science and environmental sciences for students and educators involved in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The foundation, which was founded in 1987, is concerned with supporting a diverse group of programs that include real-world applications as part of their curriculum. Another goal of the foundation is to support highly innovative and cost-effective programming for both students and their educators.The first local organization supported by the most recent round of The Toyota USA Foundation grants is the College Entrance Examination Board, located in New York City. This organization focuses on helping kids succeed in Advanced Placement (AP) high school courses, especially those who are underprivileged. Current curriculum for these classes are being supplemented with online workshops and programs to help educators understand the needs of their students when learning in certain fields. AP Calculus and AP Biology will be two classes receiving special focus with the allotted $350k that the College Entrance Examination Board received from Toyota.The second organization is Groundwork, Inc., located in Brooklyn. Groundworks goal is to give middle school aged kids and older more control over their education. Groundwork believes that giving kids this empowerment over their education will result in higher achievement. Groundwork, Inc. received $375,000 from the Toyota USA Foundation.These grants are an investment in the future of our educators and young people, and will give them invaluable skills for the future, said Patricia Salas Pineda, group vice president of Toyota Motor North America. Toyota is proud to be able to support the critical work of these organizations.Six other organizations were included in the $5.2-million of new grants. These organizations are spread across the country and cover a multitude of different disciplines. One notable organization is The Nature Conservancy, located in Arlington, Virginia. As its name suggests, The Nature Conservancy is concerned with teaching kids how to live in our technologically advanced and urban-centered society while not abusing the environment. The ability to do so is obviously extremely crucial to Toyotas business and The Toyota USA Foundations grant of $3.1-million to The Nature Conservancy reflects this importance.Staten Island used Toyotaand new Toyota dealerships are proud of the initiative The Toyota USA Foundation is taking in the education of Americans young people. Staten Island used Toyota and new Toyota dealerships understand that the future of their business will rely heavily on the automobile industries ability to manufacturer alternative fuel vehicles that fit consumers needs. The existence of continually developing technology will depend on younger generations opportunity for education. Thus, the grants from The Toyota USA Foundation are extremely important.

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