Top Interior Design Ideas And Trends For 2010

By Craig Bush

The word trends can sometimes be misleading when talking about interior design ideas. A home and its interiors, you see, are meant to last for years (and even a lifetime). The word trends connotes something that is fleeting and can easily become pass. Fashion trends, for instance, come and go at the wink of an eye. Even trendy hairstyles are chic one minute and unhip the next.

Interior design ideas for this year are trends that are meant to last. Dont be surprised if you see these design ideas in many of the homes that are built even after 2010. The various home styles seen in many design magasines this year are inspired by the events and emerging philosophies of the past year. The green revolution has prompted many designers to choose a palette revolving around warm, earthy interior colours. The economic crisis and recession have also influenced home styles that are relaxing, calming and soothing. Revamp your flat or input some of these stylish designs into your new home. Read on to find out this years top home design ideas and trends.

* An earthy colour palette is a hit this year. Throw a little purple and orange in the mix. The worldwide focus on eco-friendly living has made greens, yellows and browns popular interior colours. A bedroom painted in light green can have a calming effect. A sitting room in brown, on the other hand, can be very inviting and homey. Punch up your palette with rich plums or purples. You can even use dark orange as accent colours.


* Layered rugs and carpets. This is one of the many interior design ideas that were inspired by the boho-chic style that was made popular last year. You can put a smaller area rug on top of a larger one. This creates an accent piece in your bedroom or sitting room. You can even layer rugs of the same pattern to fill up a whole floor. Choose colourful rugs with contrasting patterns. This results in a more avant-garde look.

* Using wallpaper on ceilings. To create unique home styles, you have to think out of the box or rather, in this case, off the wall. Many wallpaper have interesting, playful designs that can have a very stylish effect on your ceiling. Before sticking full wallpaper on your entire bedroom ceiling, experiment with small patches first. Stick small squares of at least four different types of wallpaper on your ceiling and check to see which one you like best.

* Furniture made out of renewable resources and eco-friendly materials. The green revolution is still going strong this year and more and more people have started buying earth-friendly furniture. This includes chairs, tables and sofas made of bamboo, recycled wood and other renewable or virgin sources.

* Mixing elements, furniture and styles that contrast with each other. Many people and designers dont like home styles that look like they came straight out of a catalogue. One of the most popular interior design ideas that came out this year is to mix different elements and styles. Art Nouveau prints, for instance, can be framed on your wall, whilst a sleek, modern coffee table can hold Oriental wooden vases. You can also use large, modern, graphic textiles to add contrast to a Victorian-inspired sitting room.

This year ushers in a lot of exciting and interesting interior design ideas that you can use to renovate your home or add more character to your flat. Take the different design cues above and keep your home fresh, updated and stylish.

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