Top 4 Places To Take Your Family Camping Around Denver

Denver is one of the most outdoor oriented and family friendly locations in Colorado, so it should come as no surprise that camping is a popular pastime. Whether you have a week to spare, a single night or a limited budget, camping is an affordable and fun way to enjoy nature and grow closer to friends and family. With over 8 million acres of available land for hiking and camping, Colorado is the ideal destination for family camping trips. Here are 4 places to consider when planning your upcoming family camping trips:

1. Golden Gate Canyon State Park: Although this state park boasts well over 12,000 acres of land for exploring, it is less than 30 minutes by car from the heart of Denver. If you are searching for the ideal getaway from the city, then Golden Gate Canyon is the answer. The terrain is varied, making it ideal for beginner hikers and mountain bikers as well as those who are more experienced, and with over 35 miles of trails you won’t have to repeat any of them. The large ponds are stocked with fish, meaning campers can fish and be nearly guaranteed to have at least a bite. Two large campgrounds provide tent space or hookups for those in RVs.

2. Chatfield State Park: Travel just 23 miles South of Denver, and you will wind up in the mountains of Chatfield State Park. The highlight here is without a doubt the large lake, popular in the summer with boaters and swimmers alike. When the cooler weather hits, turn to hiking, riding horses or fishing. There are nearly 200 campsites, each with electric hook-ups. Many also have water and sewers, and there is also a big facility with showers and laundry for those staying more than a single night or two.


3. Rocky Mountain National Park: Although a drive from Denver to Rocky Mountain will take at least 2 hours, the trip is well worth it. The park boasts nearly 400 miles of trails suitable for mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding. Much of the park is mountains, as demonstrated by the rapidly changing elevation on the trails, peaking at nearly 15,000 feet in height and providing stunning views of the land below. With nearly 600 campsites, the area is vibrant and full of life. Children will have a blast meeting new friends and exploring the area.

4. Mueller State Park: Roughly 100 miles from Denver is the Mueller State Park, a large expanse covering over 5,000 acres of public land. The campsite is smaller, which is ideal for younger children as they can explore the area safely and parents will have peace of mind. Hiking is a popular pastime, and the wildlife is abundant in the area.

Whether you are looking to spend a quiet night in the wilderness, get away from your college in Denver, or enjoy a week long trip socializing with friends and family, the camp sites around Denver offer a little of everything, including scenic views, fabulous trails and modern facilities.

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