The 4 Easy Steps To Double Your Income Using Twitter, The New King Of Social Networking

The 4 Easy Steps to Double Your Income Using Twitter, the New King of Social Networking


Raymond Aaron

A year ago, almost no one had heard of Twitter. Today, it is catching on. Within a year, everyone will have heard about it. Soon, practically everyone will be on it. So, how can you make money with Twitter? How can you monetize Twitter? It’s easy. There are 4 easy steps.


STEP ONE … OPEN AN ACCOUNT Iknow it sounds quite basic, but you cannot get rich until you at least first just show up. So, show up. Join the game. Open a Twitter account. It takes just a minute or so. Choose your name. So, for example, Jack Canfield is jackcanfield. It has to be all one string of letters, no spaces. If your name is taken, like billsmith, then create a version of it. If you are a Realtor in Miami, then try billsmithmiamirealtor, as an example. You get the ide Hot tip — be sure to upload a photo because you are not taken seriously on Twitter without a photo. Also, complete the Profile so people can learn a little about you. STEP TWO … DECIDE WHO YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS ARE If you know someone by name, then hunt for their Twitter presence by clicking on the FIND PEOPLE button at the top right corner, enter their name in the search box, and search. Try it. As soon as you find me or any friend or client or potential client, click on the FOLLOW button right under that person’s photo. You know for sure that I’m on Twitter so that’s an easy first search which will be for sure successful. Besides searching for individual people, you can search for lists of potential customers. For example, if you are a florist in New York, find other florists in New York on Twitter and then follow everyone who follows them or whom they follow. Why? Because people who follow another florist are likely clients of your florist company. People who follow another Realtor are likely clients of your Realtor business. People who follow another car salesman or car dealership are likely clients of your car dealership. Just follow and follow and follow. Others will follow you back and your Twitter presence will grow. STEP THREE … ENGAGE YOUR FOLLOWERS Send your followers brief messages. These messages are called “tweets” and cannot exceed 140 characters. So, it’s easy and takes only seconds. Just send interesting little ideas or facts about your business. STEP FOUR … MAKE AN OFFER OCCASIONALLY Do not overdo this, but occasionally make an offer by sending out a tweet to your followers. They will respond if you have selected relevant followers and if you have engaged them honorably up till then. This is how to monetize Twitter. Best of success to you.

Raymond Aaron,New York Times Top Ten Bestselling Author, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love” published by John Wiley and Sons, New York City.

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