Organizing Your Entryway, From Hanging Shelves To Coat Racks

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By Megan Cherry

Maybe you have always wanted a place that had a touch of the country charm, or perhaps you are simply tired of the sterile and harsh decorating that has been so popular in recent years. If you are interested in adding a touch of rustic appeal to your home, you are definitely not alone. Many people are a little bit hesitant to start adding this element into their decorating, afraid of overdoing it, but you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to get a lovely rustic accent to your home without going overboard. Take a look at a few tips below to get you started, and soon you’ll be enjoying a whole new look.

1. Rugs

Rugs are a terrific addition to hardwood floors or to the kitchen and the bathroom, and you’ll find that adding the right one can make your space enormously welcoming. Head to the flea markets or to the boutiques and find some soft, touchable rugs in warm colors. Avoid rugs with geometric patterns or with straight edges, instead looking for circular rugs or oval ones that will reinforce a look of gentle edges and give your home a yielding quality.

2. Blankets

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Leaving woven blankets strewn around on your couches and chairs is a great way to create a more homey environment. Make sure you select your blankets well; look for ones that have a handwoven look and that are made out of natural materials. Blankets made of sheep wool, hemp fiber or mohair make your living spaces wonderfully inviting, and you’ll find that they are perfect when you are feeling a little chilly when you read or when you want to lie down for a nap.

3. Coat Racks

The coat rack is a utilitarian item, but you’ll also find that it can add a great deal of charm to your surroundings. Avoid coat racks that are simply metal and instead look for ones that have been loving crafted from maple or oak. The wood will add a great accent to your home, and you’ll find they also give you a terrific way to get your coats off the chairs and couches. For a more rough look, choose a wooden coat rack made out of unfinished wood.

4. Shopping for antiques

When you think about antiques, you might be thinking of fine art pieces that are far beyond your price range, but you’ll find that with just a little bit of effort that you’ll be able to find some excellent rustic elements to your home. Take a look at estate sales and garage sales for old farm or home equipment, and don’t worry too much if it’s not in such great shape. Objects like this are terrific for conversation pieces Alternately, you can choose pieces that function well, despite being more than thirty or forty years old, like tea kettles, mugs or other pieces of kitchenware.

You can do a lot to make your home welcoming and inviting, and simply by looking around, you’ll be able to see some excellent options open to you. Make sure you don’t miss out, and take some time to really see what you can do with your surroundings!

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