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In today’s world of hurrying and rushing from an appointment to the next meeting, perhaps the only place you really get to relax is time spent with your dog. Since Rex no doubt has to listen to how no one really understands you, doesn’t it seem only fair to indulge your best friend as a thank you for all the undivided attention?

MyReviewsNow online shopping wants to make sure that you are well apprised of what the stylish dog is wearing this season. Man’s best friend has a great opportunity to make a fashion statement that says, “I’m special.” Online shopping at Dog Collars Boutique has a plethora of collars for all dogs, and there is definitely one that will perfectly characterize your pal.

Every kind of collar is available, such as the classic, handsome unadorned leather collar, “Dean’s Legend” with a contrasting stitching of waxed or neoprene thread. The collar will last for at least a decade, barring constant chewing.

For a fun day at the sea, you can get the dog dressed up in a “By The Sea” collar. With online shopping choices between sailboats and lighthouses or sea shells and star fish or hawaiian flower motifs, you may have to get more than one.


A particularly beautiful and meaningful collar is the Circle of Life Dog Collar. You choose your favorite colors and they are hand beaded onto the collar by someone in Africa and made to your specifications. It’s a win-win scenario. You help someone on the other side of the world make a living, and the dog has a beautiful designer collar.

Or maybe you and your dog are more the Rock and Roll types. The Rock and Roll collar for man’s best friend and woman’s best friend too! features square spiked gemstones of your choice from turquoise, tiger eye, hematite or red jasper. The square gemstones are in brass settings, with brass square accents between the gemstones.

Of course a collar needs a leash or a lead. While online shopping at the Dog Collar Boutique, you will find an excellent array of leashes from rhinestone studded bling-y leashes to classic leather leashes, to high fashion animal print leashes and leads. There’s even a gorgeous cork overlay on bamboo fabric leash, made of all natural fiber. Your eco-friendly green friends will be green with envy when they see this leash, which was the winner of the Pet Product News International Editors Choice Award in 2008. You can buy the leash with the eco-friendly matching bamboo dog collar and save money by buying the two together.

MyReviewsNow really appreciates the excellent value Dog Collars Boutique has in their clearance items at 20-40 percent off. Here the discerning shopper and her dog will find darling bling personalized collars, animal print personalized collars and a really smart idea for those night walks on a countryside road or unlit city sidewalks flashing LED dog leashes and collars.

Dog Collars Boutique also has many other delightful and necessary items for any canine roommate. There are ID tags, decorative pendants and hundreds of charms. There are plush toys, chew toys such as Rasta Man and Roadkill Otter and of course, there are the very necessary frisbees. No dog’s life is complete without them.

There are dog coats, dog rain slickers, and a glow in the dark safety dog jacket.

But the pi ce de r sistance is the pink hooded winter parka with white trim around the hood for warmth when you and your very best pal go for a long winter walk in the snow. It has a quilted shell and a faux lambskin lining.

Oh, she looks so pretty in pink! Visit MyReviewsNow online shopping and post your own reviews.

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