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Lucrative List Building


M Murphy

Are there any secrets to having a lucrative list building model for your business? Not really, when you look at any business model, you need to see what people are doing, and then to do the same with your business. It is about using the same model and not copying them.

Having a list that is profitable is something most marketers dream of, yet very few achieve it. It is because they have failed to understand how to build their list, and what is needed in the long term.

You’re building your list and you use a downline builder for this. You think that your business can now run on automatic, but that isn’t true immediately. You need to build a good downline, and you need to spend time and effort on your business. The long term goal it for your business to run with just a short amount of time from you each month.


The biggest problem that people face is they want instant, they want an instant large list, and they want instant cash pouring into their business. If they don’t see that immediately, then they will quit and complain that nothing works.

Now if you’re prepared to build your business one step at a time, you will reap benefits that you are only dreaming about at the moment.

As you build your list, look to have people with the same motivation as yourself. It isn’t always possible, because you will always get those who start strong, and fail to reach the end goal.

Some of the best people will be those who take a lot of time and energy, because they don’t know how to build a list. They’ll need a lot of help and encouragement, but the rewards you get are far greater than the time spent.

These people know the person you are, and when you sell to them they are ready to buy. They’ll know that these products will help them to be more productive.

You have followed the basic principles of building a relationship with your downline, not just selling to them. They know that you are there for them, in their difficulties, they know you will help and encourage them.

You are being an excellent role model, and one they will use when they build their downline list. The model you give in the beginning will be seen through your downline as those in your list will add that model to theirs.

As this happens, you will find that you will reap the rewards of your hard work. Your income will rise, and you will spend less and less time on your business.

You’ll know what problems people are likely to face, and have already solved them, by creating a product that addresses each problem.

The real secret to a lucrative list is to take time with your list, and build a solid relationship with them. They will appreciate you far more if you do this. When there is a launch, and they receive lots of emails about it, they won’t wonder who to buy from; it will be from the person they have a relationship with. And that person will be you.

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