Kid Friendly Bathroom Ideas For Kid Friendly Adults

By Dave Robert

Most children dont like taking baths. When theyre young, theyd rather be running around outside with friends or watching TVnot stuck in a tub being washed by mom or dad. Since being dirty is usually not an option, consider remodeling your bathroom as a way to help make the process easier on everyone. The changes can actually make bath time fun as well.

What children really want

To begin this contemporary bathroom-remodeling project, youll want to look at your bathroom as a child does. Take time to see what isnt inviting to them or safe. Dull colors and hard-to-reach areas can make the bathroom less attractive and accessible, and lead to problems when its time to use it. Remember that children enjoy bright colors and items that are geared toward their imagination. One major thing you can do is to reserve one bathroom for your childrens use: go all out with some fanciful dcor that makes them feel both special and loved when they need to take a bath or use the toilet.

What you need to do

First pick an overall theme for your child(ren)s bathroom. If your child likes certain animals or cartoon characters, create a wall mural based on them, and choose accessories that will echo the theme. Provide safe toys to play with while being bathed. That way, your son or daughter can focus on having fun rather than on the soap and shampoo that irritates the eyes and makes them cry.

Possible themes include:


Jungle safari


A favorite fairytale

In order to create a child-friendly environment, look for fixtures that will grow as your children do. With a combined shower and tub system, for example, children will learn how to bathe themselves at any age. When theyre first starting out, you can use a soft, kid-friendly shower curtain and then install a hard glass door when theyre older. This allows your design to be both safe and stylish.

If you dont have the room

If you have a limited number of bathrooms and cant dedicate one entirely to your child(ren)s needs, you can make some compromises that will work for everyone. Start by decorating as you normally would to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle. Make your kid(s) feel welcome by including plenty of toys, and towels decorated with their favorite characters, that appear at bath time. You can also hang a playful curtain on the inside of your shower so that its visible to the child while bathing, but not to adults on the other side.

Safety is a big concern wherever children are concerned, so be sure to have slip-resistant walking surfaces throughout the bathroom, including the tub or shower stall. Youll also want to have a bar on the inside of the bath so that youngsters can support themselves as necessary.

And finally, dont forget to include that VIP without which no childrens bathroomand some adultswould be complete: a rubber ducky!

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