How To Organize Your Internet Business

How to Organize Your Internet Business


Ann Liu

Build a good foundation is essential to your online success. One of the key to that foundation is to organizing your internet business well. If you start to focus early on in creating an organized business, you will be able to spend more time on your sales and marketing – the most important part that brings you money.

Trust me, spend few minutes each day to set up your email, create an accounting system for tracking and managing your expenses will make a whole lot of difference in your business.

However, there are many people just “ignore” or “forget” such little things, but these little things are ACTUALLY very important! I promise, if you can organize first and do it in a proper way; your business will grow much faster and go much smoother.


Speaking of organize your email, this is normally the first and primary communication tool you are going to use in terms of exchange the message with your subscribers, customers, teammates and prospects. This is what you will be use to let others learn about you, understand your information and communicate with you. You are using this tool to make your first impression toward to others.

If you cannot let your very first tool get organized, then how can you make any of your other things get organized?

There are many different types of email programs. All of them have those basic same folders, such as INBOX, SENT ITEMS, DELETED ITEMS, and JUNK MAIL. If you just want to receive and send emails to your friends or for fun, those folders are might be enough, but if you are going into the business, then those folders are NOT enough.

This happened to me many times before until I realized the importance of email organizing. Many times I read an email and thought, “Ok, I know it s there. I will just reply to it later”. Then what happened? I totally forgot to write back to the sender.


I read a few and reply to a few, then leave to do something else. After that I go back and I saw there are more emails coming in and I cannot remember who I replied to and who I have not.

To avoid further confusion, I create a new folder and give it a name “MAIL COMPLETE”.

This new folder helps me know that, the emails that are in my INBOX are the emails still waiting for a response. It is an easy way to separate the two, especially the ones that already been read.

At the same time, I also made another new folder; I titled it as IMPORTANT MAIL / FILE

I can put all the important emails and keep them in this folder, like billing information. Technology is bringing us convenience, which is true. But sometime it also has its own life. Therefore, for back up reason, I also print a copy and keep it in a binder or file cabinet.

For my online business, I made a special folder and name it “MY ONLINE BUSINESS”

I put this folder in “My Documents”. Then I made other folders and put those folders inside My Online Business folder. Here are some of them:

1. Promotional Brief Case

2. Important URLs

3. Important Articles

4. Info Requester or Prospect

5. My Ezine

6. My Accouting

7. Marketing Tools

8. Marketing Advice

9. Miscellaneous

You can create your own folder list, it is easy to set up and whatever the folder you want to name it all depends on what you need.


Another very important thing you have to get organized is to set up an accounting file in Excel or buy accounting software to record your business expenses, revenue and profit. I use QuickBooks accounting software.

Again, you can create some files, save it inside your accounting folder; you can also keep it in a binder or file cabinet, or a shoebox. Then place all your business receipts inside. You need those files when the tax time comes.

Above those steps look like simple, but please do not ignore it! It is essential for creating a well-run successful business!

Article written by Ann Liu, author of

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