How To Have Clean Garage Air

How to Have Clean Garage Air


Cliff Burke

One of the problems facing people when they have a garage or even any sort of machine shop is how to have clean, breathable air inside of their building. Even by leaving the doors and windows opened, the air can still become foul. While there is no way to have air smelling perfect, there are a few items you can use to make sure that the air is better than what it has been.

One device which is helpful in making the air clean is a filter. You can find filters for all sorts of different things, from air condition filters to air compressor filters. Anything which has the ability to expel air is able to have a filter attached to it, usually. Carefully maintaining these filters by regularly changing them will ensure that the air is free from harmful dirt and debris which may become lodged inside of a person s lungs. It will also lead to the air smelling more pleasant, as opposed to not using one.


An air oil separator is also useful when it comes to making sure that the air smells better. This device attracts the oil which may be carried in the air from a machine. The separator attracts the oil, which is heavier, and causes it to be pulled out of the atmosphere. Without this, the garage or shop would smell worse. It would also linger longer since the oil in the air would cause it to sink, which makes the air remain there for an extended amount of time. Make sure to regularly clean this separator so that you will have the best air available.

Some people may think that with all of these devices sending air out into the shop, it might be okay if they should spray one of these filters with a perfume or other product which would cause the air to take on a scent. This should not be allowed to happen. All of these filters are connected to machines. If the machine should have some sort of electrical discharge, it would be possible for it to catch on fire because of the spray which had been applied to its filter. If you think this is the problem, replace your filter immediately and discontinue use of your machine until you are able to resolve this problem.

The stand-by of opening the windows and doors is also valuable in making sure that the air is pleasant for you. This allows for the stale air to be released so that clean air may come in. Make sure that the air which you are releasing is environmentally friendly. This includes having everything from your air compressor filter to air oil separator being in working condition.

No longer do you have to suffer with stale and unpleasant air inside of your garage. Follow these simple steps and soon you will be able to stand the smell in there, no matter what should happen. It is your garage after all you deserve to have the best.

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