Give A New Lease Of Life To Your Kitchen With Rta Cabinets

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Give A New Lease Of Life To Your Kitchen With RTA Cabinets


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A great way to remodel your kitchen on a budget is to install ready-to-assemble or RTA cabinets. By using these cabinets, you tend to save around 50% of the expenses that you would have incurred in installing pre-assembled cabinets. With a little carpentry skill, you can easily put RTA cabinets together. In fact, you can also find cabinets that can be fixed with just a screwdriver.

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Another benefit of using ready-to-assemble cabinets is that your kitchen remodeling project can be completed earlier than it would with pre-assembled cabinets. This is because an order for pre-assembled cabinets generally takes longer to be processed than an order for ready to assemble cabinets. Most retailers have ready to assemble kitchen cabinets already on hand and can therefore deliver them soon. RTA Cabinets: Do Your Homework The first step in buying RTA cabinets is taking accurate measurements of your kitchen and the space where you would like to fit in the cabinets. This will eliminate any possibility of getting cabinets that do not fit perfectly and need to be exchanged, invariable delaying the whole project drastically. While measuring your kitchen, measure the window openings (this also includes the surrounding trim), existing kitchen fixtures and the entire room. To keep everything organized, you might find it useful to draw a detailed diagram and add measurement labels to it. Visit the website of a reputed online kitchen cabinets store that offers a variety of ready to assemble cabinets in a range of finishes. You can choose from oak, hickory, maple or honey. Typically, screws, wood dowels and glue are required to install these kitchen cabinets. You may even get all of this from the same store as the cabinets, along with instructions to fix them. Because these cabinets come predrilled, you can easily fix them in a short time without needing professional help.

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