Getting A Speeding Ticket While On Probation Learn How To Avoid This Mistake At All Costs!

By John Oleander

If you have just served some time in jail and you are on probation, you are dictated not to commit any other felony for a certain period of tie. You are also going to be monitored by a probation officer (PO). Now, what if you got pulled over the highway for some traffic violation? You may be wondering now, “Is getting speeding ticket while on probation going to hurt my case?”

Not if you clocked just a few numbers up the speed limit… Unless you get charged with stronger cases like Driving while Intoxicated (DWI), Driving under Influence (DUI), hit & run accident, or felonies like drug possession, weapons possession, manslaughter, or robbery – you have nothing much to worry about. A traffic citation couldn’t hurt you unless there are special rules about it in the state where you are.

Although getting speeding ticket while on probation cannot really add salt to your existing injury, it is absolutely recommended that you inform your probation officer about this. This officer should always be aware of your moves and your status in the society while under probation.


It could really make you feel so much anxiety getting speeding ticket while on probation but you shouldn’t. Talk to your probation officer about the citation and ask how this could affect you. If he tells you that there’s nothing to worry about – then you have nothing to worry about.

Should you find it a little difficult to approach your PO, you can use the Internet to search for information about so many things related to probation and a speeding ticket. You will find out that in most states, a speeding ticket cannot really harm your extended rehabilitation under federal observation.

If you can help it, be extra careful about the moves you make while on probation. You may want to refrain from speeding so you won’t be caught in the legal tangle again. You may want to stay on a low while you’re serving probation time.

Probation dictates that you cannot commit a crime or be arrested while seeing the process through. If you got really unlucky and you got pulled over by an officer, you may want to do what you can to avoid anything that will spark the officer up. If he takes you into custody then you will have a problem.

As mentioned, simply getting speeding ticket while on probation should not be something to worry much about. The case depends on the evaluation of the judge. A few MPH over the road limit cannot be all that bad for you.

Steering clear of any violations however small can be your best move while on probation. Be patient about so many things. Be extra aware of the laws wherever you are and be extra abiding. You are still under the rehabilitation system that has tried to straighten you out for sometime in jail. Do what you can to be a better citizen by avoiding citations. Avoid getting speeding ticket while on probation just to be sure.

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