Financial Diet Plan}

Financial Diet Plan


Howard BruleThere is a lot of negative talk in the financial blogosphere right now. Discussion is rampant about slow economic growth, the poor housing market, mortgage foreclosures, and the increase in bankruptcies. Concern about looming financial instability is rampant.The reality of the issue if that many of us need to be on a financial diet. Is it the right time to shed those extra financial commitments you made when times were much rosier?Similar to dieting, re-establishing financial control is mostly a psychological affair. You have to decide on a workable battle plan that determines how much you will spend and what you intend to sacrifice. At the same time you will need to develop methods that will help you follow the plan.Just as with regular dieting, there are rules you should follow when doing some finacial dieting. One of the most important is to avoid binge spending. Develop a daily and weekly budget. Try to include everything that is important and eliminate everything that isn’t. Then don’t let yourself get sucked into impulsive buying. That may be fine when your finances are healthy. But when you’re trying to nurse them back to health resisting this kind of tempation can make the difference between success and failure.On the other hand, we are all human, and that means we all fall victim to temptation from time to time. Don’t get down on yourself when your will power slips and you buy something you swore you weren’t going to buy. Just put it behind you and get back to the plan.In fact you might consider bringing the fun right into your plan. It can often be beneficial to compensate yourself with small perks or indulgences on occasion, just to take the daily grind out of the “diet”. Just try to stay within your budget. That will give you the satisfaction of splurging and the sense of accomplishment that comes with meeting your goals.

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