Does L Lysine Help With Cold Sore Herpes?

By Darrell Miller

Herpes simplex, or simply Herpes, is an infectious disease caused by pathogenic viruses of the same name. It is believed that one in five individuals has contracted the disease, but a significant fraction of those who have the virus dont know that they are infected. A number of conditions, most of them are cutaneous, results from the successful multiplying of herpes viruses during periodical outbreaks, which has been reported to be inhibited by high concentrations of L-lysine in the body.

There are two herpes viruses known to infect human beings, and both have been noted for their ability to get around the mechanisms of the human system to successfully eradicate them, residing in the human body for a lifetime. There has been no known cure for herpes yet, and those who acquire them suffer from lifelong infections, which are made more evident by lesions on body surfaces much like blisters and sores forming around the lips inside and out also on the outer surface of genital areas.

The absence of lesions does not mean you rid the body of the virus in that they stay dormant in the central nervous system. Herpes viruses are known to release strands of proteins that pose as endogenous substances responsible for suppressing the immune response of the human body, influencing a number of cells that come to the bodys defense, especially those that kill viruses.


Infections are not always symptomatic either. While the lesions characteristic of herpes infections are often noticeable, herpes viruses are also known to produce infections having no visible symptoms at all and remain fully capable of replicating, increasing the rate of direct transmission to nearby individuals. In fact, it is widely claimed that over 80 per cent of the population catch the virus in this manner, and those who dont pay regular visits to the doctor have very little chance of discovering they caught herpes, leading to the ubiquity of the virus anywhere in the world.

Even though you get the virus, it does not necessarily mean you will suffer from the conditions it causes. The most common of these skin conditions is herpes labialis, which is also known as cold sores or fever blisters, taking place around the mouth, but may be transferred anywhere else in the body such as the fingers or the eyes through skin contact. These conditions heal, and, with the aid of painkillers and other drugs that inhibit its proliferation such as L-lysine, heal faster in a matter of days.

Recent medical advances in connection with containing painful outbreaks of herpes infections stress the use of L-lysine. It is now widely accepted that diet actually may influence the frequency and length of herpes attacks, and there are sources of nutrition that have been identified to contribute to the rapid replication of herpes virus in times of infections such as chocolates and nuts. Apart from reducing intake of sugars, it is highly recommendable to consume L-lysine as it has shown to curb the duration of outbreaks.

Lysine aids in connective tissue repair, this is how it can speed up the healing process. Look for lysine in capsule, tablet, or bulk powder forms at your local or internet vitamin store.

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