Do People Leave Garden Furniture Outside All Year Round?}

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Do people leave garden furniture outside all year round?


Mike Smith

There is a huge variety of garden furniture in the UK. The different materials, shapes, sizes and designs available reflect the wide range of specific requirements that each consumer has.

When choosing a particular product each individual will prioritise the issues of comfort, style, durability and price accordingly. However, one increasingly common factor influencing the final product selection is whether or not the furniture can be left outside throughout the year.

There are several reasons why people like to leave the garden furniture outside all year. In a country where many people have little or no storage space, the average UK consumer will often have no choice but to leave their patio furniture in the garden all year round.

Other consumers may have the storage space but simply do not want to make the effort of moving the furniture inside and outside on a regular basis. There are also those that enjoy seeing the furniture outside throughout the year as they consider it to be an attractive garden feature.

As a consequence, the demand for patio dining sets that can be left in the garden throughout the year has increased considerably. The popularity of garden furniture made from durable made-made materials such as aluminium and woven plastic has therefore risen over recent years as people perceive these products to be the best at withstanding the elements.

However, it is not just cast aluminium or woven tables and chairs that can be left outside without having a negative impact on the life of the furniture. There are also some very durable natural materials such as teak or granite which can be left outside too.

Obviously if teak, granite, woven or cast aluminium garden furniture is left out outside for many years without being covered or treated according to the manufacturer’s instructions the appearance of these products can change. Teak will weather to a silvery grey colour whilst the granite, aluminium and woven furniture may fade.

In summary, the appearance of most garden furniture products will eventually change if they are left outside all year. However, the general opinion is that whether or not the furniture is left outside all year then the life expectancy of the product will not be dramatically altered if a good quality raw material such as teak, cast aluminium, granite or woven plastic is used.Garden Furniture

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