Americans Relocating To Western And Southeastern States

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In one of the latest analysis of relocation trends of the people in the United States, it has been found that Americans continue to move towards western and southeast states.

According to migration trend analysis by United Van Lines, America’s largest mover, Americans continue to gravitate toward the West and Southeast and away from the Northeast and Midwest. The company has been tracking moving trends since 1977 and has about 30 percent of the market for moving household goods. The recent analysis is based on an extended study of 227,254 moves handled by United Van Lines in 2006. The analysis looked at both inbound and outbound moves in the states.

North Carolina emerged as the top state with the highest inbound migration. Of the total volume of moves in the state in 2006, 64 percent were those that were heading into the state. Oregon was at second position with 62.5 percent of moves that were heading into the state. South Carolina followed next with 60.6 percent of inbound moves in 2006. Rounding out the top five states that had the highest inbound migration were Nevada and Idaho with 59.9 percent and 59.3 percent inbound moves respectively.

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It is not surprising that out of the top 10 states with inbound migration, 8 were from the Southeast or West. The District of Columbia and South Dakota with an inbound migration of 57.9 percent and 55.9 percent respectively, were the two exceptions that made it into the top ten list dominated by Western and Southeastern states.

Even California, one of the few Western states with moves leaving the state, had the lowest percentage of outbound migration in four years at 52.4 percent.

States that had the highest percentage of outbound moves in the country were all from Eastern and Midwestern regions. An exception was Louisiana, which is yet to recover from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, with the 7th highest outbound migration at 56.4 percent. Michigan and North Dakota had the maximum number of outbound migration with 66 percent of moves outbound. Missouri had 51.8 percent of moves that were outbound. In Kansas, 50.5 percent of moves were inbound.

Although the results do not through light on the reasons for the migration patterns, United Van Lines’ study assumes significance for real estate firms and other financial institutions.

If you are considering relocating to another state, be sure to seek out the services of a local real estate agent to guide you through the process of buying or renting a home or condo in your new destination.

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